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What is the best motorcycle for a 14 year old?

I would recommend any two-stroke bike that fits your height! away! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rose Reply:

    The best way to accomplish choosing a Harley for your body style is to try one out . I've owned the same Your motorcycle should have the "right" feel. 10 Wondering what to do with the old seat now. I'm only 14 and I cant wait. Choosing a dog is a big decision, one that is likely to require a 10- to 15-year commitment. Source:

  2. Marisela Reply:

    Good dirt bike CC for a 14 year old boy? My first dirtbike (was actually a dualsport motorcycle convert), was a dual cylinder Honda CL 350. Not the best choice for beginners I must say, but I havent needed anything bigger

  3. Fe Reply:

    See the following article and decide for yourself… Source:

  4. Ashely Reply:

    A 14 Year old can drive any bike that he/she can handle but it cant be used for road transport only for sporting use like motorcross ect. Source:

  5. Starla Reply:

    Since you can’t legally ride on the street at 14, a motocross, enduro, or trials bike would probably be your only options. It all depends on your skill level and how you desire to ride. For a beginner, I would recommend a small four stroke … Source:

  6. Inez Reply:

    about how much per year would quote but it keeps experiences motorcycle insurance cost per year old rider with a ninja for a new 19 year 250? i tried the geico online technica

  7. Yoshie Reply:

    Honestly, without a great deal of experience driving a car and understanding how to survive in traffic any bike will easily get you killed! Anything over 15mph can kill you pretty quickly on a bike, in a crash! In the end only one thing matters when you are on the road on two wheels! Skill! Nothing else will make up for lack of skill! Nothing else will kill you faster! Ride your bike, learn to drive a car! Get the Eliminator 125 if you have too but please be careful! That saidKawasaki Eliminator 125 (lightest of the lightweights, so the best for you)Yamaha Virago 250 ( great small bike, expensive but all around awesome! maybe too fast/too much for you, think about your family)Suzuki GZ 250 ( a little bigger than the Virago but lighter I think! good if your tall for a 14yr old!)Yamaha C3 (no clutch or shifting, good size, comfortable)

  8. Tera Reply:

    What is the best motorcycle for a 14 year old? Improve. In: Motorcycle Answer it ! How old for kids to ride on the back of a motorcycle in calIfornIa? Answer it!

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