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What is the most painful way of dying?

It depends if the death is of natural causes or not! But dying from a heart attack or stroke can be painful! again soon!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mickie Reply:

    What he needs in the initial days following the death may not be the same things he One of the best ways to help is to let her talk–about her pain, her anger, her . Facing the death of those you love has to be one of life's most painful and Source:

  2. Kenyetta Reply:

    Most Painful Way to Die General Discussion discussion.

  3. Vicky Reply:

    getting your own rocket shot fired back at you buy a gravity hammer Source:

  4. Kina Reply:

    i would think burning or drowning Source:

  5. Estell Reply:

    Answer The most painful way to die is to be sucked into a black hole where you would just be streched for all eternity until you are so thin and long you could circle the earth 2,333,333,333,333,333,333 times then die very slowly in excruci… Source:

  6. Carisa Reply:

    Is dying from alchohol poisoning painful?

  7. Cleopatra Reply:

    Miley Cyrus!

  8. Catherine Reply:

    Relevant answers: What is the most slow painful and most agonising way to die? I believe that death by thirst is the most prolonged and painful type of death.

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