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What percent of people die of diabetes?

As many as 65 percent of people with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Katelyn Reply:

    cause of death in the country. More than 143500 people die every year from strokes. How Many Calories Can a Diabetic Person Have a Day? When you are Source:

  2. Phung Reply:

    Dec 6, 2011 Diagnosed Diabetes among People Younger than 20 Years of Age, Drawing of a bar graph titled Estimated percentage of people ages 20 . For example, they are more likely to die with pneumonia or influenza than people

  3. Ngan Reply:

    More than 180,000 people die from diabetes each year. Diabetics suffer from heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure usually. There are more than 600,000 million people globally with diabetes. Source:

  4. Lori Reply:

    It is estimated that about 8 percent percent of American people currently suffer from diabetes. Some people do not know they have it yet. Source:

  5. Oneida Reply:

    There is a large percentage of the world that has diabetes with a break down as 30.9% of adults living with the disease. Diabetes can cause blindness, heart failure, kidney failure, as well at stroke. You can find more information here: htt… Source:

  6. Veronika Reply:

    What percent of people have kids before they die in the USA?

  7. Alexia Reply:

    I dont do vaccines! I got the flu shot once! instead of getting a tiny case of the flu, I got it full force! Bullshit! Just like the Cervical Cancer Vaccine, they dont tell you that it gives you a higher risk for other cancers! Im against vaccinations, except for what you must have to attend school (Hepatitis, etc)! I agree, its just a media scare! Anything for attention and to get the channel more views!

  8. Kimberlee Reply:

    How many cats die from diabetes each year? 6000. How many people die each? People die once. How many people die each year and what do they die from?

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