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What side of the body does a stroke happen on?

If a stroke occurs in the right brain it affects the left side of the body! The left brain will affect the right side of the body! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alecia Reply:

    Another reason a hemorrhagic stroke can occur is if the blood vessels grow too Paralysis may occur on one side of the body, there may be blurred or lost Source:

  2. Joella Reply:

    When this happens it only takes a few seconds for that part of the brain to stop functioning. Why do strokes usually affect only one side of the body? For the

  3. Yvone Reply:

    Strokes can effect either side of the body.If the stroke effects the left side of the brain, it will effect the right side of body Source:

  4. Crissy Reply:

    In any heat stroke the body should be cooled immediately. The person should be moved inside, or at least into the shade. Clothing should be removed and cold water, cold cloths or even a cool bath should be used to cool down the patient. If … Source:

  5. Jose Reply:

    It depends what side of the brain the blood clot occurs on. Source:

  6. Takisha Reply:

    is sweating on only one side my body sweats and the of the body a sign? i noticed since two days of stroke or heart attack ago that sometimes, only the left side of right side

  7. Leeanna Reply:

    It really depends on exactly where the stroke was and how large it was! The left side of the brain controlls movement on the right side of the body! Worst case scenario the patient would have paralysis of the right arm and leg! In better scenarios there may be some weakness of the right side! With aggressive physical therapy there can be improvements in function! He may not return to normal however he can learn to live at a new normal and still be able to provide his basic needs! Again recovery really depends on the individual and the severity of the stroke and if there were any complications!

  8. Elwanda Reply:

    A massive stroke can produce one-sided paralysis, inability to speak, coma, or death .. (aphasia) usually occur when a stroke affects the right side of the body.

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