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Why does half of my head feel numb?

There are many possible caused of numbness! The most common being a stroke! Other candidates would include brain seizures and migraine headaches! There are also pharmaceutical reasons that could lead to this conditions! Best to consult a doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. sophie Reply:

    ok so im 12 and nothing has happeed to my head but both sides of my head and my for head is literally always numb. I loked up everywhere and im scared about it. it migh b beause for like a month I watched a lot of tv. that killed brain cells but is it a caue of this? I am almost always on my phon when I have nothing to do and I do online math. I think it might be sleeping habits for you.

  2. patti. jackson Reply:

    why is half my head numb and part of my chest Numb? what is wrong with me

  3. Florrie Reply:

    Raynaud's phenomenon causes fingers or toes to turn white and feel numb and tingly when exposed lose consciousness, slurred speech, difficulty walking or have numbness after a head, back or neck Why Are My Fingers Going Numb? Source:

  4. Susana Reply:

    Lately i haven’t been feeling like myself. my head… sensation around the top of my head. the weirdest part about this is that half of my face is cold and feels a bit numb. also lately i’ll If you still do not feel good, I suggest visiting a doctor.

  5. Marian Reply:

    It might be due to lack of blood circulation to the head. The best thing to do is go to the doctor if this keeps up. Source:

  6. Alfreda Reply:

    Bell’s palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis resulting from damage or trauma to one of the two facial nerves, which MORE?! Source:

  7. Nancy Reply:

    exactly as you said, it feels numb lol Source:

  8. Jame Reply:

    100mg zoloft head numb and it a three days ago doc told me to take 100 is like i dont feel normal? i am on 50 mg my fore head is that zoloft for three months and mg to overcom

  9. Reta Reply:

    I think maybe a school counsellor or psychologist might help you to uncover the underlying reasons for your mood!If you go to your local doctor they will help refer you to a someone who can help you work through the problem!Medication is obviously not a solution as it has made you feel worse, or maybe you need to try another type of medication!

  10. Claudia Reply:

    I also suffer from head numbness but it did not start till my car accident 6 years ago. Ever since then, every now and then I get the numbness and the doctors

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