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Why is my skin always so cold?

There are at least 82 causes of Cold skin, including diseases and drug side effects! Heat stroke and anemia are common causes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Willena Reply:

    I always thought it was the one true flaw I had in my appearance. People Not only would I drink 8 glasses of cold water, wash your face with ice water. It works Tightening up skin around your jaw and neck: So you want that visible jaw line. Source:

  2. Vera Reply:

    Alpine syndrome – clammy skin Anoxemia – clammy skin Anterior pituitary hyperhormonotrophic syndrome – cold skin Aortic aneurysm, familial abdominal 1 – clammy skin Aortic aneurysm, familial abdominal 2 – clammy skin Aortic aneurysm, famili

  3. Genevie Reply:

    Because boners Source:

  4. Maire Reply:

    Because with cold air you can wear a jacket but if it was hot air you would be complaining even more because you can’t do anything about it. The manger of movie theateres can’t make everyone happy but they do their best. So suck it up! I su… Source:

  5. Elwanda Reply:

    You may always be cold because you are anemic. This causes you to feel cold in all of your extremities. You could try to boost your immune system by eating foods high in Iron and protein. This can help bring on warmth! Source:

  6. Dannielle Reply:

    What kind of skin disorder is. It gets really red in this? My skin is very dry is cold or if i and it burns when it put lotion on it.? It’s on my neck and face the cold. Somet

  7. Zonia Reply:

    poor blood circulation????

  8. Tambra Reply:

    My skin is very hot but i feel as though im in a freezer. My doctor has said Why do you always feel hot when you have a cold? because bacteria like cold bodies and when u get could they flurish and so your body gies you a fever to fight them

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