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Why would your lower back be numb?

Common causes for numbness in the lower back can be a pinched nerve in the spinal cord or a narrowing of the spinal canal! It might also be caused by a stroke or MS! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Shiloh Reply:

    Sciatic nerve problems of the lower back can cause a painful numbness in the feet. Doing sciatica exercises can help to relieve the numbness and pain you may Source:

  2. Belia Reply:

    Is that what’s causing the numbness in my back? with the most excruciating pain of my lfe in my left lower abdomen, left leg, and left low back. I asked my family doctor about it and she thought it might be related to a prior

  3. Lizette Reply:

    You should not try to pop, or crack, your own back. You can end up pulling a muscle or throwing your back out. Go get a massage from a certified massage therapist. This should help. Source:

  4. Mica Reply:

    Back pain can be very painful. When suffering lower back pain, you may use a heating pad to help ease the pain and do some stretching exercises while laying on the floor. Do not sit for long periods of time as that aggravates the condition. Source:

  5. Ora Reply:

    Lower back pain is most commonly caused by a stain, sprain or spasm in the muscles or ligaments in the lower back. Sometimes it can be indicative of a more serious problem. Source:

  6. Magda Reply:

    My thigh has been numb and completely numb and i had i have pain in my up and the left side lower back. What could this be? On February 1st i woke of my left thigh was tingli

  7. Shari Reply:

    Small of the back! About a palm up from your crack! Fall out??LOLMine did not! I have had four! I had local for my vaginal so I could sleep and then an epidural after several hours in pain! I had one for my three c-sections, too! They are not that bad!

  8. Terrie Reply:

    I do feel a slight throbbing on the side of my lower knee area. to the top of my foot and toe numb (The upper part of my leg is fine and my back hurts a little).

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