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What does a Sweet Pea Flower Look Like

You may have similar questions as What Does A Sweet Pea Flower Look Like and What Is A Sweet Pea Flower,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is The Meaning Of The Sweet Pea Flower. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Sweet Pea Tattoos,too. Read more as following:

Sweet peas are my favorite flower. They are small and delicate, kinda look like a less dense snapdragon. The leaves of the flower are shaped like a heart although there are many different varieties.

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What does a sweet pea flower look like?

The sweet pea flower is a climbing plant which grows from 3 to 4 feet high. In order to reach this height, the flower must have a means of support. Sweet peas come in a variety of colors, but the most common are pink and pale lavender. They may also… More »

What is a sweet pea flower?

Sweet pea bushes usually grow between 6 and 36 inches tall depending on the cultivar, while vines grow to approximately 6 feet in length. They have winged stems and compound leaves composed of two oval-shaped medium- or deep green leaflets. The plant… More »

What is the meaning of the sweet pea flower?

The sweat pea can grow up to 8 feet; patio varieties only climb up to 3 feet. The fragrance of a sweet pea can vary greatly, notes The Flower Expert. How the flowers smell depends on time of day, the age of the flower, how much rain it has received a… More »

What does the flower sweet pea look like

Sweet pea flowers bloom in many colors, including lavender, pink, p… …MORE…… More »

How to make sweet pea flowers with gum paste?

1. Find a clean flat surface to work on and roll out the gum paste until it is less than 1/6 inch thick. If the paste is already colored with food coloring, proceed to creating the flowers. If you still need to mix the gum paste with coloring, assess… More »

How to plant sweet pea flower seeds?

1. Choose a location where sweet pea plants will receive full sun to light shade. Sweet Peas have thin stems that require some type of support, as well. A wire fence, bamboo canes, or lattice trellises work well, as the tendrils cannot wrap around th… More »

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  1. Rachelle says:

    I’m looking for a cortoon sweet pea for a tattoo and when I type in sweet pea or sweet pea flower or something on google I get the actual FLOWER and mostly no cartoons. Any tips? Or pictures? or sites to look at?

  2. Natalie Landsberg says:

    Should I use bamboo sticks, chicken wire fence or just staple twine up and down against the fence I planted them?
    last time I used plastic netting and the sweet peas looked straggly and did’nt seem to like the netting. Any experienced suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  3. Armand says:

    Um yeah i planted some sweet peas, and the flowers are pretty but they barely have any smell even though the seed packet said they would. Just wanted to know if that’s how it’s supposed to be or if it’s just me.

  4. Missy says:

    I am looking for strong plants/stalks with large flowers in a variety of colours with a great smell. In fact, the works! Has anyone any hints about where to get hold of quality plants in the UK with advice about the best way to grow them on?

  5. Chayee says:

    i got a handkerchief vase as a birthday gift and i dont know what kind of flowers would look best… i was wanting to make a bouquet of silk flowers for my bedroom. any advice? its a clear vase.

  6. Foospoo says:

    They flower and they look so pretty, but they haven’t made any peas yet. What am I doing wrong? I’m hungry as can be for sweet garden peas. The bees love them. Are the bees eating my peas?

  7. Allyson C says:

    I was given some fresh flowers as a gift today which have alot of sentimental value. Should I just hang them upside down or is there a better way?

    Thank you.

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