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What does a Water Lily Look Like

You may have similar questions as What Does a Lily Pad Look like and What Does A Lily Look Like,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does A Tiger Lily Look Like. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Diagram of a Water Lily,too. Read more as following:

Usually growing in the center of lilly pads, water lillies have spiky petals that can vary in color, usually pink, fuschia, yellow, purple, or white. They have a heavily pollenated center that is yellow in color.

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What does a Lily Look Like?

There are many different types of Lilies so they will vary in color and size. They do have 6 petals and they have stamens and filaments protruding from their centers…. More »

What does a Tiger Lily Look Like?

A tiger lily is a very beautiful flower that is orange to red-orange in color. They also have a spotted pattern on them. The flowers curve backward from the main part of the plant…. More »

How does a water lily’s stem look like?

it is just a long stem that connects to the botttom of the ground a sixth grader… More »

What does water lily look like?

its a pretty flower that floats,and the lilly pads stay in place with the steam atached to the dirt…. More »

How to grow water lily?

1. Choose the water lily. Colors range from white to pink red or yellow. The flowers called "changeables" open initially as yellow, and then become deeper colored. Consider bloom size and shape and the size of the lily pad. Water lily can be found in… More »

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  1. Nataliee says:

    My wife is a Pisces. Her flower is a water lily. She likes lotus’ better though. They look alike to me. What is the difference between them?
    I forgot to mention..she wants it as a tattoo.

  2. Midday Delusion says:

    Both lotus and water lilies grow in water.They also kind of look the same.Is there a big different between them?

  3. Betta says:

    When I was in 1st grade or so I went to the park and for the first time I saw a flower that resemble a lot a water lily. However, the leaves were very different, they looked like leaves from snowdrop, but a little bigger. This happened in Bulgaria.

  4. Fatoum says:

    Im getting married in a couple of months and well i was looking for a great bouquet but my favorite flower is a lotus flower or a water lily. Does anyone know where i can buy a real water lily bridal bouquet for my wedding need help please please help me find some where who does these bouquets.

  5. Leandra says:

    Its new, I only got a couple of fish, because I read it needs to cycle. I got 3 small oxygen plants which are tiny. a water lily that hasnt grown yet and the water is merky.

    When will it all come together and look nice?

  6. Kitten~lover says:

    I only know how to make water lilies, and I want to make an origami rose. I’ve looked up videos on Youtube, and looked on wikihow, but I can’t seem to do it, is there an easy way?

  7. Karz91 says:

    I’ve had a water onion growing in my ten gallon for a few months and it only has growing a single tall stem? The water lily I have has grown great but the onion hasn’t grown as I had thought it would.

  8. Johanna White says:

    I’m not talking about plants like the lotus or water-lily which bloom on or above the water surface while having their roots/rhizomes below the water. I’m wondering if there are any plants which actually flower IN water.

  9. Lhomme32 says:

    thanks a lot

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