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What does the Nautical Star Mean

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To sailors, the nautical star represents navigation and the north star. It can symbolize hope and guidance. Each point, of the star, represents something different: life, liberty, peace, justice, and freedom.

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What does a Nautical Star Stand for?

The nautical star basically stands for finding one’s way in life. It was a good luck charm for soldiers in the army. They would tattoo the star on themselves so that they would return home safe…. More »

What is a Nautical Star?

The most common meaning for a Nautical star has to do with the United states armed forces and is in relation to navigating the sea. It is a star with 5 points. It is also common in tattoo designs and can have different meanings in that light…. More »

What does a Nautical Star Mean?

The general meaning of the nautical star is the wish for safe passage in the unfamiliar. The eight star version acts as a directional compass, and the four stars indicate the four directions…. More »

What does a Nautical Star Stand for?

The nautical star basically stands for finding one’s way in life. It was a good luck charm for soldiers in the army. They would tattoo the star on themselves so that they would return home safe…. More »

What does the Nautical Star Represent?

A nautical star is a symbolic star used by the sea services of the United States armed forces. It usually has five points in dark and light shades giving it dimension…. More »

What does the Nautical Star Symbolize?

The nautical star is a symbol of the United States Navy. It symbolizes them finding their way home. You can also find this star on old nautical charts representing directions as on a compass…. More »

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  1. Mlefev says:

    I know what an upside down pentagram means, but dose a upside nautical star mean the same thing? Or dose it mean anything different if it tilted? I mean for tattoos… Thank!

  2. In The Clouds says:

    I just want to know the meaning of the nautical star and if the meaning changes with different colors

  3. Saphira says:

    I’ve seen the nautical star in different colors and i would like to get one.i want it in pink and black or blue and black.i just wanted to know the meaning so i won’t get something that is away from my personality.u can tell me what the other colors mean too.

  4. Craaig says:

    I was curious because I see so many ppl get the nautical stars and I was wondering their true meaning.

  5. High Heel Hanna. says:

    I have been doing research about Nautical Stars because I want to get it on my arm, but it seams that they have been over used and they have lost meaning. I want to get mine done because I believe that it mean guidance. How can I add some flare to it?

  6. Bonnie B says:

    I’m thinking of getting a nautical star tattoo, I’ve searched it online and I’ve found many meanings to it and I’m still not sure of the true meaning.

  7. Angelskies537 says:

    the iron cross, and the the nautical star. What do they mean? why do they so often emerge in punk culture and attire?

  8. Hey Jude says:

    What does the nautical star stand for, or represent? I like the design and was thinking about getting a small one on my lower left front hip. Any info is appreciated.

  9. Divinelotus says:

    On a lot of myspaces I’ve seen dripping nautical stars or regular stars or hearts. I was wondering how to do it?

  10. Tacklee says:

    I’m planning to get a couple tattoos and so I’ve been looking at other people’s and it just seems like a whole bunch of butterflies, celtic crosses, and nautical stars. I want mine to have meaning, and I was just wondering if yours had one…

  11. Adri says:

    Do they mean different things on gay men? And does the placement of the stars mean different things? Are there different meanings for the different types (open/filled in, designs, etc) of stars?

  12. Toni says:

    I see people has them as tattoos and I was wondering what they mean and what the different colors stand for?

  13. Heisenberg says:

    I know there are several meanings for the nautical star but i’ve been thinking before i go out and get one inked i should find out what the different colors mean and so on so forth.

  14. Vh. says:

    I want to get 2 nautical stars(original I know) tattooed on my wrists(not just because they look pretty, they actually mean something to me). I know everyone has a different pain threshold, but I just want to see for the most part if the pain is really unbearable or if its just uncomfortable.

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