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Why Burn Sugar Cane Fields

You may have such questions as Where Is Sugar Cane Grown and Where Can I Buy Sugar Cane Stalks,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is Put On Sugar Cane When Its Burned In The Field. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Burning Sugar Cane,too. Read more as following:

Sugar cane fields are burned for a number of reasons. Burning controls the loss of sugar from the canes, aids in cleaning up dead leaves and other plant trash. The dead leaves and plant trash can delay harvesting and cause problems with harvesting equipment. The fields are burned just before they are harvested.

Where is sugar cane grown?

Sugar cane for the most part grows in tropical and sub-tropical places. It can also be grown in the United States, but not reliably north of Louisiana. ... More »

Where can I buy sugar cane stalks in Arizona?

If you live far from a big Asian community, chances are you will not find the fresh ones easily. Canned sugar cane would be your best bet. Try your local grocery store or asian grocery store if there is one. To the worse you could order online. Good... More »

What impact does burning sugar cane fields have on the migration of microbes?

the answer is that it causes the air int he astmosphere carry gems in the air and make disease become more inderesed.... More »

Why burn sugar cane?

well if you put in in a pan and put it on high it turns into caremel... More »


  1. Athalia Reply:

    Why do they slash and burn sugar cane in South Africa?

  2. Kel Bel Reply:

    Its Snowing in Houston and it NEVER does.. Hope everyone doesn’t go Ape!

  3. Bonnie Reply:

    What are some arguments for and against?

  4. Guru1988 Reply:
  5. E L I Reply:
  6. Nyabby Reply:

    Just wondering.

  7. Joe C Reply:

    Im 31 my grandpa sang it all the time so its older, some other words I reamember were “The birds and the bees in the cigarette trees”

  8. Sanan Reply:

    Please only reply if you are a nurse or have nursing expierence please. I am interested in nursing as a career, and I would like to know the pros and cons of becoming an RN.


  9. Chelsae Reply:
  10. Leandra Reply:
  11. Dreamertonks Reply:

    My question is how can Brazil harvest ethanol from sugarcane without burning the fields, and at a low cost.

  12. Keanu Reply:

    If it is possible, has it been done already? Is there more information and if so, can you point me to where I can research it.

  13. Madison L Reply:
  14. Nabraska Reply:

    When I lived in Queensland in a previouse life The sugar cane farmers woul set fire to the cane field to burn off all the dry leaves befor the cane cuutters would go in to harvest it. i couldn’t imagine that happening in this day of polution consientisness

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