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Is There Pain When the Egg is Fertilized

You may have such questions as Do We Eat Fertilized Chicken Eggs and Are Store Bought Eggs Fertilized,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Are Chicken Eggs Fertilized. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Difference Fertilized and Unfertilized Chicken Egg,too. Read more as following:

I have never experienced pain when the egg was fertilized. I am not sure it is possible to feel anything with the fertilization part. I did experience cramping a couple weeks later with my first pregnancy though, before I even suspected I was pregnant.

Do we eat fertilized chicken eggs?

Usually the eggs we buy in shop are not fertilized, but we can eat fertilized chicken eggs.... More »

Are store bought eggs fertilized?

Usually the eggs that you buy at the store aren't fertilized but it's possible if from a smaller farm.... More »

How are Chicken Eggs Fertilized?

Chicken eggs are fertilized inside the hen. The ovary of a hen releases a yolk that is then fertilized by a sperm inside the hen. It takes 21 days for an egg to hatch. ... More »

Are eggs fertilized before the chicken lays them

Eggs need to be fertilized in order for them to hatch properly. For further information, you can visit: ... More »

What is a Fertilized Egg Called?

When an egg is first fertilized it is called a zygote. The fertilized zygote then travels down the fallopian tube, while dividing and growing, after about four days it becomes a blastocyst which later forms the embryo and then the fetus. For more inf... More »

How are Bird Eggs Fertilized?

Bird eggs are fertilized by sperm. The male bird mounts the female and releases his sperm into her opening. It turns out that male brids do not have outward sex organs and that they simply rub their sperm into the female. From there it travels upward... More »


  1. Spencer Reply:

    I mean I hear it all the time, from month to month it can be a pain, and I was told that a period is used eggs that don’t get fertilized.

    So my theory is that if all the eggs get fertilized then girls wont have to have periods every month

    AM I RIGHT??

  2. Hope Mcatee Reply:

    Also is there pain when that happens? Can you feel anything when the sperm fertilizes the egg? Lastly, will women always bleed slightly when the egg does implant itself?

  3. Jak Reply:

    I sure hope my question makes sense, I know they say the uterus will make way for the baby, but how soon does that happen, is that why lower back pain becomes a pregnancy symptom?

  4. Dix Reply:

    I may be about six days pregnant today, and I had a bowel movement that induced a pain in my lower left side. Could that have killed the fertilized egg?

  5. Jeffrey V Reply:

    I had a hysterectomy one year ago; I still have my ovaries and I have had a pain twice in the past month and a half. Is this a sign of ovulating or something else should I look for?

  6. Kira Reply:

    Say you come upon a fertility clinic that was on fire. The firetrucks are still miles away. You rush in and see a canister with several hundred fertilized eggs and a toddler crying on the ground. Which do you save first, the eggs or the toddler? And why?

  7. Brandon Mendez Reply:

    I have two roosters and four chickens how can you tell which eggs to collect and which ones to leave ( have babies in them)?
    You guys are really helpful : )

  8. Dog Lover Reply:

    I just wanted to know it if hurts for the egg to attach to the uterus wall. And can you feel the process of the fertilized egg in a woman’s body?

  9. Barish Reply:

    when a egg is fertilized do you feel pain in your ovary? depending on which ovary the egg got fertilized in?

  10. Lexi ? Reply:

    Do any signs happen right after the egg is fertilized? Like a pain or nausea feeling?

  11. Alittlehigher Reply:

    I got a positive opk yesterday after a 6 hour hold at around 6:30 pm and then ovulation pain around 12am. Hubby and I didn’t get a chance to bd and he wont be home until tonight after 10pm. How long from ovulation can the egg be fertilized?

  12. Truman Reply:

    for example, any kind of pain, or specific discharge, heat flashes, anything specific that the body is known to do when an egg is fertilized please.
    and what are the symptoms for implantation then?

  13. Dan Reply:

    when the egg implants in the uterus do you have pain?
    when a egg is fertilized do you feel pain in your ovary? depending on which ovary the egg got fertilized in?

  14. Crysta Reply:

    when the egg implants in the uterus do you have pain?
    when a egg is fertilized do you feel pain in your ovary? depending on which ovary the egg got fertilized in?

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