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what was the price of cigarettes in 1975

You may have similar questions as How Much Did Cigarettes Cost 20 Years Ago and When Did Cigarettes Cost 45 Cents,or you may also seek several useful information about What State Has the Cheapest Cigarettes. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Cigarette Price Timeline,too. Read more as following:

The price for a pack of cigarettes in the year 1975 was one dollar and twenty-five cents which was up from the previous year where they were ninety-eight cents.

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How Much Did Cigarettes Cost 20 Years Ago?

Nov 10, 1977 Twenty, filtered menthol cigarettes, jam packed with nicotine would of cost you a whopping .71 cents. Talk about inflation. If you smoke quit. If you dont smoke, your so lucky…. More »

What State has the Cheapest Cigarettes?

There really are no cheap cigaretts, that is a really expensice habbit. But the state of Indiana is known to have the lowest price on their cigaretts…. More »

What does a Pack of Cigarettes Cost Today?

If you smoke your not going to be happy with the latest polls on smoking, let alone the price. Cigarettes in the United States are at an all time high raning from $5.50 a pack to $6.35 a pack (depending on where you live). Quitting now will save you… More »

What was the price of cigarettes per pack in 1975?

You could purchase them for $0.27 to $0.35 a pack…. More »

What was the average price of cigarettes in 1975?

The price of cigarettes in 1975 was 1.25 and it was considered to be…… More »

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  1. Joanna says:

    I was wondering when the price of cigarettes increased from 35p to 37p within the UK.

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    it seems just about everybody smoked tobacco

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    I am doing my project of labor economy on UK minimum wage
    In the Wages Councils period, 1975-92, what was the minimum wage?

  6. Yulka41 says:

    wealth and poverty
    our lifestyle

  7. Pavan says:

    i need important events in the U.S from 1970-2008 preferably 2 events per decade. please!!

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