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how much money does the fishing industry make

You may have similar questions as How To Raise Industrial Saltwater Fish and How Much Money Do People Make In The Fishing Industry,or you may also seek several useful information about How Do People Who Work In Fish Industry Spend Their Money. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Fishing Industry Analysis,too. Read more as following:

The fishing industry makes approximately thirty-one billion dollars per year so this is the reason that fishermen typically make very good salaries for the work they do.

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How to raise industrial saltwater fish?

1. Get a large tank for water. Saltwater fish need more space than freshwater fish, so a larger area of water is needed. The number of fish will dictate the amount of space needed, but on average, saltwater fish need nearly double the space needed fo… More »

How much money do people make in the fishing industry?

Depends on how much fish they catch! But mostly enough to get by…. More »

How do people who work in fish industry spend their money?

The buy Food Clothing Fishing Rods and Bait…. More »

How to make money in the music industry?

1. Sell merchandise. Making T-shirts, hats, buttons and all other paraphernalia isn’t too expensive of a process. It’s good to have a product to sell as a musician in the music industry, or as anyone trying to make money. Every musician has a merchan… More »

How are glow sticks used in the fishing industry?

Glow sticks are small enclosed plastic tubes that emit light. The light is caused by a chemical reaction. Depending on the size of the glow stick, it can glow for more than 24 hours. The sticks do not begin to glow until a capsule inside the glow sti… More »

How to get money on fish tycoon?

1. Click and drag an adult fish toward the bottom of the screen and release it into the Isolation Tank. 2. Select a different breed of fish, and place it into the tank with the first fish you selected. 3. Move each fish in your tank to the Isolation… More »

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  1. I Love My Kitten says:

    I have no idea how I could move to a place like that from Florida with that little money. What are apartments going for? Could I find a job in the fishing industry aboard a ship (doesn’t have to be glorified like that show) fairly fast? Would I have to live in a motel for a while?

  2. Rashanna says:

    What part of the UN would the country of Djibouti ask for money if they need the money to start a fishing industry?

  3. Missvoyage says:

    During the famine in Ireland, why didn’t the Irish turn to a fishing industry to survive and is there a fishing industry there now? If not, why not since it is surrounded by oceans?

  4. Sand Storm says:

    Somalia pirates doesn’t really want to hurt the people, they only want to get money so they could feed the very poor people and sick and old. Is Somalia pirates doing the right things or are the fishing industries are?

  5. Miranda C says:

    The recent decision by Obama to push for drilling in the gulf but no alaska has upset conservatives. Why do so many want our children to starve? Isn’t our fishing AK industry important enough to keep afloat? Why do so many want to see the fishing industry destroyed?

  6. Veers says:

    My boyfriend has a life long dream to become a fisherman or something of the sort as it’s a great passion of his. He’s 19 and goes fishing as a hobby about once a week but he has no idea how to get into the fishing industry. If anyone has any advice it would be great, thanks.

  7. Dr. Clone says:

    How angry are you?
    Louisiana fishing industry alone is a $2B/yr industry.
    BP acts like they are doing everything – but they are miserly on fixing THEIR issue.
    What is an appropriate remedy??

  8. Tiklu says:

    For a 10 gallon fish tank that is entertaining to watch and pretty to look at without spending a huge amount of money…

    What kind of fish can go together in this 10 gallon community without overcrowding? Can I put a beta in with any other fish?

  9. Brooklyn says:

    I am 21 and want to move to Alaska and get involved with the fishing industry would it cost alot of living?

  10. Cat says:

    My job doesn’t pay well at all. My expense are growing everyday. How do i make money while keeping my own job without a lot to spend or extra time?

  11. Kellie-louise says:

    My telescopic fishing rod is jammed at the end and i really want to know how i can fix it quickly and easily..

  12. Curious says:

    thanks a lot

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