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What does Hydrogenated Mean

You may have such questions as What Is Hydrogenation and What Is Hydrogen,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Does Partially Hydrogenated Mean. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Dangers Partially Hydrogenated Oil,too. Read more as following:

Hydrogenation is the process of adding hydrogen atoms to unsaturated oil. The purpose is to extend the shelf life of the oil and prevent it from becoming rancid. Hydrogenated fats become semi-solid.

What is hydrogenation?

( hī′dräj·ə′nā·shən ) (chemical engineering) Saturation of diolefin impurities in gasolines to form a stable product. (organic chemistry) Catalytic reaction of hydrogen with other compounds, usually unsaturated; for example, unsaturated cottonseed oi... More »

What is Hydrogen?

A hydrogen is composed of an electron and a proton. It's the only element without any neutron at all. The next element in the same column (main group), Lithium is i.e. composed of 3 electrons, 3 protons (always equivalent numbers - elements aren't ch... More »

What does partially hydrogenated mean?

Partially hydrogenated describes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils with added hydrogen atoms. Double-bonded carbon molecules typically comprise unsaturated fats. Manufacturers include hydrogen atoms to solidify a product, prolong its shelf lif... More »

What is Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil?

A fully hydrogenated vegetable oil, also called shortening, would be a molecularly altered fat which is shelf stable. Also called a trans fat, it is considered a major contributor to heart disease. For more information look here: ... More »

What is Hydrogenated?

Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil on a food label refers to oils that have been chemically changed to behave like saturated fat. Hydrogen atoms are incorporated into liquid oils like vegetable oil to give them the characteristics of saturate... More »

What is Hydrogen Peroxide Made of?

Hydrogen Peroxide consists of hydrogen and oxygen: H2O2. It is used to clean wounds, and it also bleaches. If you're a brunette, be careful about getting it on your hair.... More »


  1. Gage Alleman Reply:

    I sometimes feel like the only person who does this. Almost everyone I know eats hydrogenated oils without caring one way or the other. Anyone else out there check labels and, if the product has hydrogenated oil, you pass?

    Just curious more than anything. Thanks.

  2. Michelle Simpson Reply:

    Hey I have this project where I have to tell the meaning of different types of fat used in food industry and how do I tell whats the difference between them. With Examples.

    Also, how do they affect our body is also important.


  3. Rachel Willis Reply:

    I have read many forum posts saying, “DO NOT use peanut butter with hydrogenated oils”, and others saying, “ONLY use peanut butter with hydrogenated oil”. Can someone clarify which is the best to use? Does it even matter?

  4. Patty666 Reply:

    and what is does it mean if it’s “70% vegetable spread”

  5. Ally Reply:

    Is it the same thing as trans fat and/or partially hydrogenated oils?
    Is it bad for you?
    It’s a protein I know, but since it’s not a partially hydrogenated OIL, is it safe?

  6. Some1 Reply:

    i know the hydrogenation process of any kind of fat and oil causes it to transmogrify and become harmful to how can sooo many foods claim to be zero trans fats if they contain hydrogenated substances?

  7. Katherine Reply:

    I know hydrogenated palm oil has tons of transfats, but I’m seeing non-hydrogenated palm oil in products like Newman’s Own cookies and Skippy Natural peanut butter. Neither show any transfats on their labels, but I’m curious as to whether or not I should be concerned regardless.

  8. Tory Reply:

    Or possibly even lack enriched flour, wheat, etc.
    enriched means they treated the flour, wheat, etc…and took out all the good stuff.

  9. O-: Reply:

    In the ingredients on the box of Cookie Crisp cereal it lists soybean oil, but it doesn’t say hydrogenated soybean oil. So, does that mean it doesn’t have trans fat or does all soybean oil contain trans fat?

  10. Gringico Reply:

    Please explain to me how you got the answer rather than just giving me the answer. What does Hydronate mean?

  11. Philip Reply:

    I see all three on ingredient lists and I know I’ve heard partially hydrogenated oils contain trans fats, but what about the other two? Are they just as bad?

  12. Tilly Reply:

    I thought that they were the same. Howoever, I see many products that list on the their labels zero trans fats , but have hydrogenated oils (partially and-or whole) in the ingredients list.

  13. Nike Boy 23 Reply:

    I understand partially hydrogenated does not fully convert to cis? My professor told me a couple of years back that partially means presence of them and fully hydrogenated mean none.

  14. I Cant Believe Reply:

    in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, some of the recipes call for some non-hydrogenated things. what is non-hydrogenated at where can i buy those things? are they available at Kroger?

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