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How to Fix a Scratched PS2 Disk

You may have similar questions as How to Repair a Scratched PS2 Game at Home and How to Get Rid of Scratches from PS2 Games,or you may also seek several useful information about How to Get a Scratched PS2 Game to Work. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Do I Get Scratches off of PS2 Games,too. Read more as following:

Using regular toothpaste, buff the cd until it shines. The toothpaste will fill small cracks and allow the ps2 disk to play much smoother.

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How to repair a scratched ps2 game at home?

1. Hold the disc by placing a finger through the center hole and your thumb on the edge of the disc. This prevents any more scratches or fingerprints being left on the disc. 2. Carry the disc to the nearest sink and set it down with the underside fac… More »

How to get rid of scratches from ps2 games?

1. Clean the PS2 game with a microfiber cloth, but be careful not to rub any of the dust particles into the disc, scratching it further. You can run the disc under warm water or use a commercial cleaning solution designed for compact discs. Allow the… More »

How to get scratched ps2 games to work?

1. Put the CD on a dry soft towel. 2. Place 2 tablespoons of car wax on to a soft cloth towel and buff it into the CD. 3. Rub from inside the CD to its outer edge and do not go in a circular motion. 4. Wait for the car wax to dry which usually takes… More »

How to Make Scratched PS2 Games Work

Gaming systems have come a long way in technological advances. However, just like the Atari cartridges of old, the new game discs can become scratched and unreadable. Knowing how to make scratched PS2 games work can save you a lot of money replacing… More »

How to Fix a Scratched PS2 Disk With Toothpaste

Most PlayStation 2 games will pick up a scratch or two when they are played frequently or traded between fellow gamers. These scratches can cause the disk to skip during game play. In some cases, they can even render the disk unplayable. There are se… More »

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  1. Can Chaser says:

    How do you fix scratches off a ps2 disc or some dvd disc

  2. Xavior-su says:

    Anything lying around a house that i can use to fix a scratched PS2 Disc (the purple bottomed kinds) or make the disc read faster. The game will load, but the music skips and parts of the map take so long to load that you end up driving on an invisible terrain

  3. Rose says:

    Im using my toothpaste to fix some scratches off from my PS2 disc but the disc is not original.

    BTW: please tell me some more alternative ways that can remove the scratches from the disc other than applying toothpaste.

  4. Erin Lavia says:

    i have a ps2 disc that I bought last Saturday called 007 agent under fire, it always crashes in the middle of level 2, is there a way to fix the scratches causing it?

  5. Demon Eyes says:

    It is a newer model with 8 screw caps at the bottom, also any tips on fixing a scratched ps2 disk?

  6. Kittycat9999 says:

    Can you please tell me a few different methods. It is a PS2 disk if that changes anything
    The disk is at the point where it will not even play in my PS2 anymore, but it still doesn’t look so bad.

  7. Help Please Xx says:

    Alright i have Kingdom Hearts 2 for the ps2 and it is scratched fairly bad. When ever i try to go to a level the music starts but the scree is black.
    I have tried toothpaste and achohal but nether worked

    Please someone help me is there any way to fix it without buying some sort of device?

  8. George says:

    I was just wondering how to fix my grand theft auto scratched disc. everytime I put the disc in it lets me play for about 5 min but then says error reading disc. what should i do to remove the scratches in it?

  9. Hibah says:

    it’s fifa 09 and just one screen it freezes and makes a buzzing noise while loading.
    is there a way to make it work?

  10. Sawyer says:

    I have a ps2 disc that wont work. It will pop up the words Playstation 2 then it disapears and then a black screen comes and it freezes it wont let me play the game what should I do?

  11. Dr. Clone says:

    thank you

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