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How do You Iron a Wedding Veil

You may have similar questions as How to Get Wrinkles out of a Wedding Veil and How To Iron A Wedding Veil,or you may also seek several useful information about How to Put Beads on a Wedding Veil. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Cheap Wedding Veils,too. Read more as following:

In ironing a wedding veil, The setting of the fabric dial should be at low setting which is 2-3. The you can start ironing the edge of the veil to the whole fabric.

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How to get wrinkles out of a wedding veil?

1. Lay the veil on a flat surface and pull the fabric straight, gently smoothing the wrinkles where possible. 2. Locate the center of the main comb. Point the teeth of the comb toward the ceiling and attach the comb to the hanger with a clip. 3. Hang… More »

How to iron a wedding veil?

1. Set up your ironing board. Fill the iron with water halfway up, plug it in and turn it on. Set the iron to the lowest setting possible or "low heat." Allow the iron to warm up. 2. Drape the veil across the ironing board and flatten it out, smoothi… More »

How to put beads on a wedding veil?

1. Thread a needle with 8 to 10 inches of white or ecru thread. Double the thread strands and knot the end. 2. Insert the needle at the back of the veil material and pull through gently. The fine veil material is easily damaged if the thread is yanke… More »

How to Make a Wedding Veil

A wedding veil can be very expensive. For brides on a budget, you can avoid the cost of a store-bought wedding veil by making your own. Making a simple wedding veil is very easy and requires only a few steps. If making your wedding veil seems too ove… More »

How to crochet a wedding veil?

1. Choose the style and length for the veil. The wedding veil styles that are most appropriate for crocheting include the birdcage, the center-gathered tier veil, and the standard top-gathered. The birdcage is very short with no folds or gathers at t… More »

How to select a wedding veil?

1. Flip through wedding magazines and look at photographs on the Internet to get an idea about the different styles of wedding veils that are available. Before you select a veil, make sure you know what your choices are first. 2. Look at your wedding… More »

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  1. Aaron says:

    this wedding veil is made of netting and was stored in a plastic bag for past 60 years
    It was not cleaned after being woren.

  2. Wes T says:

    I bought a wedding veil online, and it came folded inside the package and there were quite a few wrinkles. I assume I can’t iron it because it would melt the veil. Is there any other way to get wrinkles out of it?


  3. Naginata says:

    Im doing a project on Italian marriages, and I was wondering who pays for the wedding plans? Does the groom or the bride pay for it? Or is there a specific amount that each person is responsible for?

  4. Sharon Davis says:

    My wedding is 3 weeks from now and I’ve got that ‘have to be forgetting something’ feeling. Probably just the nerves, but still. What are some things you forgot or are commonly overlooked?

    Any last minute tips or advice would be much appreciated!

  5. Lisa says:

    I am getting married, I bought almost everything, and yesterday I went to pick up my veil but is wrinkle, how I iron it? Or get the wrinkles out without burning it?


  6. Shimul Vye says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m looking to have my wedding hairstyle (I’m a bride) hald up, half down, with curls on the bottom and a curled-looking bun on top, deep side part, and a tiara and viel. (Not tiara / viel comb–just one of each.) Both the tiara and viel have combs. Thanks for any pictures.

  7. Markus says:

    I have hair that is past the middle of my back. I want to wear my hair down and it is naturally straight. Should I get curls or what?

  8. Chauncy says:

    I need to know more information on marriages and relationships during the Julius Caesar’s time in Rome.

  9. Saffa says:

    Tell me about where you come from.. or even family traditions!

  10. Keaton Brock says:

    I am getting married, I bought almost everything, and yesterday I went to pick up my veil but is wrinkle, how I iron it? Or get the wrinkles out without burning it?


  11. Cassidy Johnson says:
  12. Jazzeei Lady says:

    I got it in the post yesterday and it seems very stiff. Do you think I could wash or steam it to soften it up?

  13. Hariz says:

    my veil is 3 tiers with rhinestones and ribbon trim. when i got it from ebay it came wrinkled.

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