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What Makes Flowers Smell

You may have similar questions as Why Do Flowers Smell Good and What Makes Flowers Smell,or you may also seek several useful information about Why Do Plants Smell. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to What Causes a Flower to Smell,too. Read more as following:

Flowers smell because of compounds called essential oils. When the weather is warm is causes these oils to evaporate and give off a scent.

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Why Do Flowers Smell Good?

Flower Reproduction Flowers lure pollinators to their nectar. Their design causes the feeding creature to rub against pollen. When the pollinator brushes compatible pollen on the female stigma, fertilization occurs, resulting in viable seeds. The Use… More »

What Makes Flowers Smell?

The scent of a flowers comes from compounds called essential oils. Warmer weather causes these oils to evaporate, and give off a scent. The scent of the flower depends on what oils are in the flower’s petals…. More »

Why do plants smell?

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What makes flowers smell good?

Significance. One of the flower’s primary functions is reproduction through pollination. For the most part, the flower’s scent is a hormone given off while producing pollen and readying itself for reproduction. Once the sweet smells start emanating f… More »

How to make flowers stop smelling?

1. Wait for the flowers to achieve pollination and fertilization. Some flowering plants need to attract pollinators to spread pollen between male and female flowers. Once flowering plants achieve fertilization, hormones within the plant regulate scen… More »

Why do Flowers Smell?

In order for pollination to occur, the plants need to be ‘attractive’ to bees, birds, and other insects, so they emit a ‘smell’ that is pleasing to most. Pollination is necessary for the survival of all mankind. Watch The Bee Movie, you’ll understand… More »

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  1. Kia Z Z says:

    Hi,I just love doing flower arrangements and have just been asked to do some wedding flowers for a bride. She wants silk artificial flowers.
    I was just wondering if any one would know how to make silk flowers smell like real fresh flowers, Thanks! :)

  2. Luvbug! says:

    The kind that makes you weak in the knees, that makes the flowers smell better and food taste better and helps you understand how the universe works?

  3. Bibeth says:

    like if I added vanilla or peppermint extract to the water in my flower’s vase would it make the flower smell like that? probably a dumb question- I know haha

  4. Hector says:

    I smell some flowers some dont smell as nothing its weird and others flower smell beautiful how come?

  5. Taerninedmimnmotyvb says:

    Is there a part inside a gardenia that makes it smell that way?

  6. Anomymous says:

    I bought flowers for my girlfriend for tomorrow and keeping them overnight here until tomorrow. I noticed that they smell very weird, or at least i think that, that is now how they are supposed to smell. What can i do to make them smell good for tomorrow?


  7. Hacly says:

    Im writting a myth on why flowers smell so good? Can anyone help me. or give me a site to go to?

  8. Derpina says:

    I have some Daffodils that come up every year in my backyard. I always bring them in the house to make it smell better. The cat (indoor only) likes to sniff them too!! Is there anything to add to the water to make the flowers last longer? Any input will be appreciated!
    Thank You…

  9. Susan says:

    I love yellow roses and gardenia’s . I have a Gardenia bush in my yard that give me plenty of those beautiful scented flowers.God did great job making such wonderfully smelling flowers for us all.

  10. Legit Epikness :3 says:

    How do i make my house smell good in a short time? I know i could always use air freshner but i dont like the smell of most of the stuff! So if you could help me please thank you because i get imbarresed when company come over and my house smells like dirty dishes!

  11. Hayley says:

    I heard Robin (Yes, Dr Phil’s wife) say you can make poparie with flowers after they die. How can I make poparie with my roses I received on Valentine’s Day?
    I am sure I spelled that wrong, sorry.

  12. Blue Chaos So Nlq says:

    And a smell that smells just nice?

    Like how chocolate smells good enough to eat, but a flower just smells nice and you don’t want to eat it :)

  13. J Y says:

    I want to make a small flower garden. what are some easy growable flowers that can stand humid weather?
    that are pretty of course

  14. Just Me says:

    I never understood this. I’ve smelled many flowers in my day, some do smell better than others. But in general, all of them have the same grassy scent. It doesn’t stink, but it certainly doesn’t smell as good as everyone says it does.

  15. Monique says:


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