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How Long does It Take for the Pill to Digest

You may have such questions as Is It Possible to Get Pregnant on the Pill and How Long Does It Take for the Pill to Be Effective,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Soon Is the Pill Effective. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Long Does It Take before the Pill Works,too. Read more as following:

The length of time for a pill to fully digest depends on the size of the pill as well as how much food the patient has eaten. Most pills are fully digested in five hours.

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant on the Pill?

Generally birth control is 99% accurate as far as preventing pregnancies. However, there is always that chance that you could get pregnant. Missing a pill or being on antibiotics increases the chance of you getting pregnant while on the pill.... More »

How long does it take for the pill to be effective?

If you start taking your first active pill within 24 hours of starting your period (a Day 1 Start), then you are protected against pregnancy immediately. If you start it at any other time, like the Sunday after your period (a Sunday Start) or any tim... More »

How soon is the Pill Effective?

The pill generally takes 3 months to become fully effective. Once you begin taking it, it does start to work, but it takes a full 3 months to be 99% accurate.... More »

How are pills digested?

In the human body, in this case the stomach, there are enzymes that speed up reactions. These enzymes strip the pills down, allowing structures that line your intestines to strip away the nutrients or other molecules in the cell and allow them to ent... More »

Can I be pregnant if I'm on the pill and my period is late?

It is possible for you to get pregnant while on the pill. ...... More »

How does a pill digest?

Apart from the active ingredients most pills are made up of a basic (alkalynic) material such as chalk or some form of Xcarbonate (X = magnesium/calcium etc.) When the pill hits the highly acidic environemnt of the stomach (ph=2) then react with the... More »


  1. Asraf Reply:

    This thing was probably a half pound, but I need to know when I can eat my pills that say to take on an empty stomach.

  2. Natalie Reply:

    I feel very nauseous in the mornings sometimes and occasionally lose my breakfast. I take pills right when I wake up and have breakfast about an hour later. Are these pills lost then? Specifically birth control–is this nausea going to cause pregnancy?

  3. Mr.d Reply:

    It’s for a suicide attempt. My doctors never give me any straight answers. From experience, how long do you think I will need to be on them?

  4. Akash Reply:

    I know dry takes about 8-12 hours to digest and raw about 2-4 hours. But what about canned food?

  5. Diana Reply:

    I took my pill around 1 and around 3 I had diarrhea. Is there a difference in how fast your body absorbs it for vomiting and diarrhea? and would it affect my pills effectivness?
    It only happened once, and i’m not sure if it constitutes as diarrhea, it was more like loose stool.

  6. Angel Reply:

    I just want to know how long will it be until I start feeling the effects of the pill. They are Advil 200mg, so they should dissolve quickly right? Just give me a time frame please.
    I’m 17, weigh 120…if that’s any help.

  7. Attilio Brandi Reply:

    I want to take a laxative because my doctor said it would help me lose weight. How long do laxatives work? I don’t want to have the poos in class tomorrow.
    I am taking dulcolax.

  8. Iris Reply:

    I took my bc pill at 3 and felt ill and vomited around 9…is that long enough for my pill to have taken effect?

  9. My Reply:

    I’ve been taking Bromelian in pill form 3 times a day at 500 mg for 2 days. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and i was told that bromelain would help with the swelling, but i see no results =(

  10. Daniel Reply:

    If you took the pill at 8am and had diahorrea (not very severe lol) at 7pm would it make a difference to its effectiveness?

  11. Catgirl Reply:

    I have just taken my antibiotics and now I feel very sick to my stomach. How long do I need to hold it in. I don’t want to get sick and meds come up to. Please help…Thank You

  12. Lelanie Reply:

    I took some pills for my infections but I ate some Nasty Burger King also. I threw it up because the nuggets was old. Ate at around almost 3 & vomit around 5ish. I didn’t seen my pill in the vomit tho.

  13. Anon Reply:

    I overdosed almost to the point where I passed out but I didn’t. Know one knows. I know I should go to the hospital. But I am afraid of what my mom would think.

    So how long does it take pills to digest or leave your body?

    Like prescription pills.

  14. Anonymous12 Reply:

    if you just had a really big dinner or something like that and your really full, does it take longer for pills to digest?

  15. Isabelle B Reply:

    I have not been feeling well today, nauceous, dizzy, upset stomach. I took my pill at 10am. I drank some alka-seltzer to help settle my stomach now at 5pm and it made me instantly throw up. Is 7 hours long enough for a pill to digest?

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