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How to Make Your Period End Faster

You may have such questions as How To Get Your Period Faster and How To Make Your Period Come Faster,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do You End Your Period Faster. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Stop My Period Early,too. Read more as following:

To make your period end faster, take an aspirin the day that you start your period. This will make you bleed pretty heavy the first day, but after that, your period shouldn’t last as long.

How to Get Your Period Faster?

There is no real full proof way to make your period come faster. Some say exercise and massaging your stomach can make it come faster while others say it can delay it. You have to let mother nature take it's course.... More »

How to Make Your Period Come Faster?

There is no way to make your period come faster. Your body will have your period when it is ready. If your periods are irregular and it concerns you then see your doctor. You can use birth control to help regulate it.... More »

How do you end your period faster?

Actually if you exercise more the heavier it is. Because I was at volleyball camp and on my period it made it heavier. 2.14.11 Exactly! Even though it made your period heavier, more blood left your body and ultimatley shortened your period.... More »

How can I make my period go away faster?

read below about menstrual cramps (including advices) and methodology how postpone periods - you have have it every 3 months, every 6months, etc. Source(s): ... More »

How can I Get Rid of my Period Faster?

Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of your period faster. Some women's cycles last longer than others. If your period is extremely long then you should speak to your doctor about causes and treatments.... More »

How can I Make my Period Come Faster?

There are no natural ways to make your period come faster, but you can regulate your period through birth control pills. You can take the pills in a way to have your period come at the same time every month. http:/... More »


  1. beverly Reply:

    Your period will end faster if u do theses things
    Yes drinking water does help a lot your period is not as much blood as u think as gross as it sounds only 30%to 50% depends on the person is actually blood most of it is Uren mixed with small amounts of blood the blood is cause by the cycle of your female body your ovaries produce an egg once the egg has not been fertilized it gets released and your body gets rid of it causing a little blood but back to my original point drinking WATER will help as u clean out yr body faster also Exercise helps but it will be heavier witch I encourage using a tampon if u are young u may have to get used to it as it can hurt and be very uncomfortable I recommend small ones if u are young also dont leave in long it could cause a cult leading on to big problems and embarrassing emergency treatment in 14 myself an tampons are very uncomfortable for me but makes me feel alot safer when in school well I really hope that helps

  2. Meme Reply:

    I have stuff to do Monday involving swimming and hiking and much more but it’ll be day four of my period. My periods last for 6 days but I’ve heard there are some ways to make your period end earlier. Please help!

  3. Ppuuuurr Reply:

    They say exercise can make your period shorter…I got mine at the worst time today and need it gone in a couple of days. What KIND of exercise can I do to make it lighter/end faster??

  4. Danielle Reply:

    Need Results in 1 or 2 days! i have my sister’s wedding. I don’t want it to get spoiled! want to have period earlier & ends fast so that i can enjoy 😀
    Thank you for helping me! 😀

  5. Krzyjay27 Reply:

    My period is almost ending but tomorrow I’m gonna go see my boyfriend so I hope it’s done by tomorrow for sure. Is there anything I can do to make it end faster?

  6. Bunny W Reply:

    This weekend i wanted to do stuff with my boyfriend….
    buut im on my period, is there anyway to make it end faster?

  7. Danny Reply:

    I’ve heard masturbating, after an orgasm, it causes a sudden larger amount of blood come out, thus ending it faster? Is that true? If it i wouldn’t mind at all… still, any other ways?

  8. Amy Reply:

    i know i sound stupid for asking this question, and i know there probably isnt anyway to make it end faster but im just wondering. is there ANNYYYYY way ? (by the way im on birth control), i dont know if that has to do with anything but just in case im gonna state that.

  9. Zehcnarf Reply:

    I started it Monday night at about 9 PM I think..and today it’s Thursday and 5:30 PM….what day of my period am I on right now and when will my period end if we say my period is 7 days long? And how do you make your period end faster? Like shorter a day or two?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

  10. Electric_wolf Reply:

    i need my period to finish earlier and i heard that if you have masturbation on your period that it makes your period end faster, is this true?

  11. March M Reply:

    I thought ur period only lasted 4 days and right now I’m about 1 and 1/2 hours past the 4th day and is there anything I can do to get my period to end faster?

  12. Creature Of The Sun Reply:

    if your hymen breaks through sex or whatever.
    cause i mean, there’ll be less in the way for it coming out, so does it come out faster or more at a time.
    in which case make your period end faster?

  13. Lillie Reply:

    So I’m on day 2 of my very second period ever (I’m 14), and I do not like periods. Even though I had my first one last month (it was not fun). So is there any way I could make it end faster? I heard that exercise can make you bleed more but it ends faster, is that true? Thanks!

  14. Ari Picton Reply:

    Are there any ways that i can make my period end faster?

  15. Gery Reply:

    hi i am 14 and have had my period for 2 years now. i am wanting it to end faster. like there were some cycles that were 11-12 days and some that were 4-5 days

    does drinking plenty of water help it end faster? since you are urinating it out?

  16. Kat N Reply:

    I’m going to schlittlerbhan water park on the 27th and i think that will be like my last day of my period if not the day before my last i was wondering is there anything you can do for your period to end faster??

    Btw.. i started on the 23 (in the night)

  17. Michelle Simpson Reply:

    I am on a 3 month birth control, and my period is heavy. I want to know its possible for cranberry juice to make my period end faster or lighten it. please help me.

  18. Vibes Reply:

    I got my period yesterday which was Sunday, and I have a pool party on Friday. Normally my period ends in 5 days but sometimes more. I need it to end soon because I have to go to this party. I can’t get pills or use tampons. Help!! will anything make my period end faster??!

  19. Kathleen Reply:

    What can I eat, Or do to make my period end faster . Im only 13 therefore I take no pill or medication and I will not.

  20. Irish’beuor; Reply:

    Im going to meet my boyfriend on friday and i started my period today. we were planning on having fun so if there is any way u know of that causes ur period end faster that would b amazing!

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