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How to Take Scratches Off of a CD

You may have similar questions as How To Get Scratches Off A Cd and How To Clean Scratches Off Of Dvds And Cds,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Fix A Scratched Cd. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Home Remedies for CD Scratches,too. Read more as following:

You can use toothpaste as a sort of sandpaper effect to remove scratches from cds and other discs. Use plain white toothpaste and never rub in a circular motion.

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How to Get Scratches Off a CD?

Try applying toothpaste or lotion to the cd and then rubbing it around before buffing it off with a clean cloth. If that doesn’t work try applying vaseline or car wax. Otherwise, they make machines that can repair a scratched cd…. More »

How to clean scratches off of dvds and cds?

1. Choose a CD or DVD with one or more deep scratches that render the disc almost unplayable. 2. Shake the bottle of metal polish and apply a nickel-sized amount of polish to a smooth rag or towel. Lightly dab the polish onto the scratched disc about… More »

How to Fix a Scratched CD?

Scratched cds can be quite frustrating especially if it’s your favorite disk! Try rubbing small amounts of toothpaste in circular motions to eliminate most minor scratches…. More »

How to clean a scratched cd?

1. Look for the scratch. Hold the CD up in the light and try to locate the scratch. 2. Get a fluid based scratch repair kit. 3. Get a soft lint-free cloth. 4. Pour a few drops of the cleaning fluid into the cloth. 5. Wipe the cloth across the CD star… More »

How to Repair a Scratched CD

Repairing a scratched cd is very easy but not sanitary. Place the cd in the toilet and flush it. Take the cd out the toilet, dry it and play it in the cd player…. More »

How to Fix CD Scratches?

Common, everyday scratches on music CDs or burned CDs are annoying and can cause them to skip or be unreadable at times. You can repair with kits or machines sold at office supply or tech stores or simply do it yourself with regular toothpaste. Polis… More »

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  1. Die Potato says:

    My blacks ops cd has a small scratch but it looks like it’s deep and i used toothpaste but it didn’t work i don’t have a cd repair kit is there any way i can get a scratch off my cd? or is there a proper way i can use the toothpaste to get rid of the scratch.

  2. Yasha says:

    I used this coded stuff that I got at blockbuster but it doesn’t take the scratches off of my CD. It will clean the CD where there is no grease stains or anything. I was wondering if there are better way than this way.

  3. Lori says:

    I’m trying to get a mark (not a scratch) off a cd but it just keeps making the cd worse it’s so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could someone please tell me how to get this mark off my cd!?

  4. Terri says:

    I want to remove the scratches off of my cd and i do not want to go to a store to do it, what are some cd scratch remedies i can make at home to remove them?

  5. Evesykes says:

    I’ve heard it can remove scratches off of CD’s, will it work with my aluminum macbook?

  6. Sofia says:

    I have had a game for the Wii for a long time now and it is scratched up a bit. How do I clean the scratches off?

  7. Maegen says:

    How to get scratches off a cd

  8. Emolove(: says:

    I am trying to play a movie and i need to get the scratches off of the burned side other wise my dvd player wont read it

  9. Authorjw says:

    I have a few game cd’s that my kids have beat on so badly and they don’t work anymore. Is there any way to get the scratches off enough for the cd’s to be read or are they pretty much just garbage now?

  10. Joseph says:

    How do you get, like a million scratches literally, off a CD game disc??? ive tired a lot of things!?!?!

  11. Lorna Doom says:

    I have a few CDs that have scratches on it and im really mad. One of my friends said that it helps if you flush it in the toilet. Does that really work? Is there any other way i can get the scratches off my CDs? Thank you :)

  12. Jacqueline says:

    I have Resident Evil 4 and it freezes up when I play how do i take the scratches off?

  13. Kirsten says:

    Alot of dvd’s are scratched and I was wondering how to get the scratches off.

  14. Horse Back Rider! says:

    Can anyone tell me how to remove scratches off a cell phone screen. I have had my blackjack for a week now and just scratched it. Can anyone tell me the name of a remover?

  15. Anthony says:

    I need something that can clean the scratches off my Nintendo DS touchscreen. Thanks for the help.

  16. Hampton Hansen says:

    I have light scratches on my CD any ways to remove them and help tmake the CD work?

  17. Rach says:

    i have computer games and cds with scraches on them what do you do to get them off . what do you do if they are on you glassese ??????

  18. Wildflower says:


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