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how much is a dub

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How much is a dub of weed?

dub bag-$15(schwag/crappy weed), dub bag-$20(ok weed/regular), dub bag-$25(good weed/exotic…… More »

What are dubs?

Dubs are 20 inch aluminum wheels. Dub is street slang for the word 20. When someone says they are riding on dubs it means their car has 20 inch wheels…. More »

What is dubbing?

Dubbing is the process of replacing an audio track to a musical CD or a movie (and TV shows). It is used in nearly every type of media production today. Dubbing is used to place music, sound effects, dialogue, natural sounds or any other audio noise… More »

How much does a dub of weed weigh?

A dub of weed weighs about 2 grams. More questions? ChaCha!!… More »

How many grams are in a dub sack?

A dub sack is a bag of trees that is about 2 grams. In most areas it goes for aroun…… More »

What is a dub of marijuana?

A "dub" is a $20.00 sack of weed. Thanks for asking ChaCha!… More »

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  1. Jamie says:

    Does anyone have any info on dub shows or raves in colorado?
    Or is there a website that will say if there is?
    And what do you wear to a dub show?

  2. Cat says:

    There is only like 61 or 62 episodes and they’ve already dubbed 26. Are they seriously going to take a year to dub 30 episodes.

  3. Rose08 says:

    Or a Cd player? Or anything with an audio output. Can I dub the music simultaneously during playback or do I need to do it onto a new tape in another VCR?

  4. Karyl says:

    I have seen them up to episode 141. I only like the english dub naruto. So i am wondering when i will be able to start watching it again?

  5. Justin says:

    I was listening to Pick a Dub by Keith Hudson, which is an amazing album (and my first exposure to dub music). I was wondering what are some great dub albums (or artists) that are heavy on the bass.


  6. Jill Gardner says:

    I realise there are now 3 episodes of angel beats in dub, but i want to know how long it takes for the next one to come out, please help!
    And dont suggest the sub, iv’e watched it 3 times and watching the dub will be my 4th time :)

  7. Socal.femme says:

    Was just wondering how often Brotherhood comes out on Funimation. Like, for example, the new Bleach dub episodes come out every Tuesday or something like that. I know the whole series have 64 episodes and they’re currently on 54 or was it 53??? But yeah whatever you get the point.

  8. Enid C says:

    Are there any changes done to the script or edits done to scenes in the english dub?

  9. Bonehead says:

    4kids is a horrible dubbing company. I’ve never seen a true dub from them. With animes like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Sonic X, Kirby: Right Back at Ya, Tokyo Mew Mew, and ESPECIALLY One Piece!

    But does there exist at least one anime where 4kids might have shown that they were acutally trying?

  10. Tiffany says:

    Some that I say are like Beet the Vandel Buster and Kateyo Hitman Reborn!. I know that a lot of you are gonna say “Who cares! Dub sucks!” But still there are a lot of great anime with no english dubbed version.

  11. The Dude says:

    I only want english dub and good quality avi. Please don’t post messages saying that sub is better, i just like dub for this anime.

  12. Heaven says:

    It been a year now and no new Naruto Shippuden English dub episodes what in going on? When will the arc start again?

  13. Yung says:

    I need to download my favorite episodes & put them on Youtube for Inuyasha fans. Maybe even make anime music videos.

    Where can I find all the Inuyasha episodes in english dub without copyright?

  14. Derrick says:

    So I recently was introduced to dub step and I love it. My favorite type is the crazy high speed just crazy stuff. So I’m very new to the whole genre and I was hoping someone could help me out finding some good dub step that is just plain crazy. Thanks!

  15. Bella says:

    i’ve found a couple in eng dub but all of them dont have a good quality when u watch it.u cant see good.
    plz no dounlods plz not able and allowed to dowunlowed stuff.

  16. Lakeland says:

    Looking for a download of the english dub of Yugioh Bonds Beyond Time. Anyone know where to find it?

  17. M says:

    I am on episode 130 right now but i heard the english dub gets canceled at some point? Is that true?

  18. Sahar says:

    I want to know if theres an english dub version of inuyasha the final act? I’ve been finding it for months and still can’t find it. Soo i want to know if theres a english dub version for inuyasha the final act? Or if you know when it comes out on english dub.

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